SEO-a shadow of your website, invisible still very significant. SEO is a very sturdy and utilizing tactic so as to augment the website’s visibility on the search engine page. SEO has become a requisite for any website, either new or old, in today’s cutting-edge competitive market. Actually, SEO proves as a boon for the websites that are in the dark room and aftermath applying the SEO strategies the website will emerge as a new ray of the light that gets full-on online presence on the search engine.


In this highly-competitive epoch, getting the maximum traffic to your website is yet difficult and continuing to survive is even more tough approach, however, SEO makes it possible at each step. It, actually, has a power to revive your website in this current scenario. However, beware of the bogus marketing and optimization techniques. …

Mobile Friendly

Having a search engine at our fingertips has revolutionized the way we live our lives. If your website is mobile friendly, then it will dramatically impact your business to the largest extent. Google announced that among the previous two months, 4.7% uptick in the proportions of the mobile-friendly websites, since when Google announced its algorithm. Yes, Google launched its mobile algorithm and today, it has completely rolled out. Mobilegeddon- the community coined its name.

Change is the only constant thing on the planet and it is evolving crazily. This algorithm is giantly feeling the pinch of the people. It’s not about grabbing the populace who has been trying to game Google’s search algorithm. It’s the propaganda that transforms the facelift of the websites in the today’s content-smogged world. In the current scenario, very few people can refrain themselves from this mobile mania. Moreover, …


The community coined a name for the Google’s mobile Algorithm update as-MOBILEGEDDON. Mobilegeddon means mobile-friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, then it will dramatically impact your business or we can say it is a ranking signal for your website. Its terms are very facile to comprehend-either get your website mobilegeddon or being penalized by Google.

It is only applicable for the Google searches on mobile, i.e., it does not affect the tablet or desktop searches. As the mobile internet era has been revolutionizing radically for 2-3 years, even every minute aspect has been transformed into mobile-friendly platform, so why not our Google? It is the gigantic Google update ever, evoluted on 21st April, 2015 …