Local search optimization tips


Increase your local search visibility and get globally recognized step-by-step.


The biggest difference to SEO these days is now it’s more valuable to remove links rather than build them. –Scott Mclay.


“Tell a Story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” – Rand Fish.


What are you peeking at, now??? Devise this kind of strategy and be beneficial.

Local Search Optimization… What is it? The search on the local basis! The optimization process at the local niche!

As my personal experience, I must say that local search optimization is a quintessential element if you have to pass the sturdy examination and reach to the pinnacle among many websites on the first page of the search engine.

Perplexed??? Don’t be! Okay, first let’s study what is local search optimization.


Local Search Optimization: Local SEO or Local Search Optimization is focused on delivering the results that are most suitable to a searcher based on their current location.

For e.g. – if I am searching for Chinese restaurant, then Google shows the results that are nearest to me.


After a survey, Google has found that 95% of the mobile users look up the local information on their phones and the most common is calling or visiting a get-together or the meeting. It is the power of the mobile and the local search today. They are actually inter-linked with each other.

In order for Google and other search engines to serve the users with the most relevant information using the immense amount of data they have on us, local based results will become more and more prevalent.

As per my research, effective local SEO requires the work on various areas, like- your site, your listings, reviews, links and more. And, the most important is that 75% of all online activities are associated with the local searches. In fact, the customers mold towards the local search to learn about the businesses available in their specific area and evaluate which firms they would like to patronize.

Still, to get promoted in the local area, you will require the local search marketing tips which embrace the local search optimization tips and the right guidance to follow properly.


Ways to optimize your site or local search

  • Include your site to a local domain name:

When it comes to local search, it is the search engine’s goal to provide the most relevant returns for the local search queries. For e.g. – A site with .ie extension, which is local to Ireland, will shout to the search engine that this business operates in Ireland.

Very first, publish your site to a local domain name.


  • Prepare its On-page correctly:

The on-site factors play the pivotal role in determining the website’s status in the market. Actually, as per my opinion, half of the credit goes to on-page SEO in the SEO strategy. This means that pay your heed on the meta-tags, viz., title, keywords and descriptions along with your zip/postal code.


  • Optimize for geo-targeted keywords:

Include city names in your title, h2, Meta tags and the content. Consider this step vigilantly. It is important for your site. Remember, the geographic location matters a lot.


  • Leverage your company’s website:

As a customer, when I open a website, I will visit the Home page and About Us page. And, in technical terms, these embrace the keywords, the business address and the quality content. So, focus on these two pages of your website and make them more compelling so that the customers will attract in one go.

Plus, the addition of rich media content, such as an embedded map that directs the business location, also bestows the tremendous value.


  • Submit your site to Google’s Local Business Center:

Include your business to the Google’s Local Business Center.


  • Submit your site to Yahoo’s Local Listings:

Same, add your business to the Local Yahoo Listing also.


  • Submit your site to local directories:

Yellowpages.com, SuperPages.com, InfoSpace.com, InsiderPages.com, Local.com, etc. are some of the local directories. Include your site in these also.


  • Social Links:

Yoast WordPress SEO tool is the tool which assists you to establish the recognition on the social media network. You will procure 90% of the way there by linking out to your social profiles and ensuring they link back.

Plus, make your social profiles strong and versed in order to grab more and more traffic towards your website.


  • Seek reviews on Google:

The customers intrinsically trust the reviews that come from other customers over advertisements that come from the company and other organizations.

According to a survey, 92% of the customers say- “They trust advertisements and recommendations from the third parties more than traditional, paid advertising.”

The result will be beneficial. The feedback will be displayed prominently right by your company name, encouraging people to click more and more.


  • Rise of mobile devices:

As the years are passing on, the percentage of online searches performed on the mobile gadgets has grown significantly. Moreover, with the dawn of the wearable devices, such as, the Apple Watch, the number is boosted with more immediate needs.


Here, I have described some local search optimization tips for you. Take measures now to implement a consistent ongoing strategy and stay committed to seeing it through. Then after, you will notice the favorable upshots. These are the few, if you know more, and then feel free to share with the audience.


“If it isn’t on Google, it doesn’t exist.”- Jimmy Wales

This is the wavelength of Google, which goes on increasing day-by-day. Sounds great!!!

However, most of the digital marketers treat the Google, as their enemy because of a lot of the Google penalties, like Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc. But, it is not so. Google just wants to eradicate the spammers whilst assisting the ethical doers pleasantly at the same jiffy.


Google is not the foe. It’s our companion which helps us to make endorsed in the world with dignity. There are so many marketers who step into the black-hat SEO techniques and create spamming… spamming… spamming! This is actually the cardinal reason that Google has come up with the algorithms and updates within the regular interval.

Google penalties are due to the spamming and sometimes over spamming. Nevertheless, because of these penalties, the ethical SEOers may also get caught in the trap of the Google.

Although, Google generally depends on the algorithms to assess and continually, enhance the search quality, but sometimes, manual actions are also responsible for the errors and blunders. Therefore, if your site doesn’t appear in the search results or isn’t responding or performing well, then along with the Webmaster Guidelines, check your Manual Actions report also.

Google Manual Search Penalty

What is Manual Penalty?

The manual penalty is what someone at Google steps in and issues a manual penalty. It actually occurs when a real live human at Google penalizes your site, resulting into to be delisted or lose the rank.

Often, the website which is going to be manually penalized, it is evaluated using the algorithm and then looked at by someone in the Webspam Team. If you are in doubt about how would you be notified of it? If you have been penalized, you are going to receive a message from Google via Google Webmaster tools.

However, if you seem that you are going to be penalized and doesn’t receive an email, then you are experiencing an algorithmic penalty. Just check and find the real cause of the penalty.

Some aspects you have to check:

  1. Is the site still indexed in Google?
  2. Google Webmasters Tool
  3. Competitors
  4. Search Results

After scrutinizing the process, identify the type of penalty, whether it is manual or algorithmic or both. If, unfortunately, both the penalties attack on your website, then be very cautious. This situation is sometimes called as “A Sitewide Penalty”, which significantly leads to the death for all keyword rankings.

A Sitewide Manual Penalty means Google has taken action against the entire site. Don’t take it lightly. This giant manual penalty affects all the pages on your domain. The impact of the partial manual penalty is on the certain pages of the website. But, this Google Manual Search Penalty has ready to grab you completely.

Approaches to recover from the Google Search Penalty:

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” – Jill Whalen.

Nevertheless, recovering from the Google penalty may be an extensive process, but it will prove as a positive long-term investment.

  1. Get Your Website Ready:

From your point of view, your website is perfect. However, once you get penalized, put the halt on what you are doing. Immediately, start cleaning your website- fixing 404s, deleting the duplicate content, updating your blog, eliminating the keyword stuffing, etc. Remember, your aim is to get set free from the penalty, rather than to focus on on-site SEO.

  1. Link Audit:

Find all your backlinks, either good or bad. This is the place from where you have to maintain the record of every single aspect in the form of the document. As you have already known very well that LINKS are the primary concern in the field of SEO. So, step into the link auditing process instantly and scrutinize all the link strategies and tactics vigilantly.

You can pick any of the tools to gain the maximum number of the links. As per my concern, GWT (Google Webmaster Tool) is the perfect alternative. Wait!!! It’s my pleasure if I could help you.

  • Go to Webmaster Tools
  • Click “search traffic”
  • Click “links to your site”

Go for it!

  1. Identify the low-quality backlinks:

After the link audit, just have the record of the low-quality & high-quality backlinks. If you have downloaded the list of links from GWT into Google Drive, you already have your starting point. Let’s see…

  • Copy the list of links in your spreadsheet in a new tab. Rename it- “Low DA Links”.
  • Identify the domain authority of all the links. You can make use of http://www.bulkdachecker.com/.
  • Export the list of links with corresponding DAs to excel. Copy the list back into Google Drive in your “low DA links” list.
  • Sort the list by DA to discover all the backlinks that have a DA below 25.
  • Highlight all those links in red.

After that, eradicate the bad links promptly to save your website.

  1. Create a new list of bad links and request removal for every link:

Accumulate all the “low-quality backlinks”, “spammy links”, “spammy backlinks” in a new tab and then start attacking on those irrelevant links.

For the removal request, visit the website from which you have received a backlink. Then, simply send the mail or use the contact form requesting for the removal of your website. Simply, state the information- the page you found the link and the link to your website.

  1. Disavow the file creation:

Once we had contacted all the necessary webmasters and had all the links we could remove, we created a disavow file for submission.

  • Create a .txt file and include all the unnatural domain links to be disavowed.
  • Submit the disavow file.

Submitting the File:

Here are some tactics to get you free from the Google manual search penalty. These are effective and efficient techniques. Please feel free to share more…