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Want to get updated with the surrounding social ambience? Facebook it!!!

Welcome to the snippet of the Social Media Channel! A sphere which is inspired by the social media. You must look at its speed. How fast it is rolling down the hill like a snowball! And, today, the social media has become the vast compass with all the requisite and other auxiliary information.

From an entrepreneur to the entrenched organization, each one of us has a Facebook page or account. But, there is a discrepancy in our vision and perception. We focus on how our impact will fall on the audience. Rather than the word “Impress”, our bull’s eye is on “Impact”. We endeavor to make ourselves worthy and credible, so that the audience will reach to us having the trust in us.

Actually, the social media optimization is the part of the optimization procedure. It is simply associated with the optimization services of a website. Since, the social media is considered as the effective platform to reach to a wider audience, various firms are incorporating it in their practice.  Well, it’s not mistaken to say that the social media helps to build and grow more and more relationships and communities.

In other words, we can call it as the “social media marketing” technique. It is not just a promotion tactic, but it is about providing your customers with the opportunities to interact with your business. Instead of involving in the solely marketing procedure, we focus on how to build the firm relationship with the clients and keep nurturing it. And, we cordially appreciate our client’s opinion regarding any aspect. However, the social media has its essence swept over a large area and yet to see many new evolutions in the upcoming future.


15 Ways to boost Social Media Traffic


  1. If you can’t beat them, join them:

Many organizations are surviving in this competitive era and we are one of them. The market is flourishing with a large number of organizations. Sometimes, your attempt will fail. No need to worry. Engage with your competitors wherever they are. Exchange the ideas and comment on their media. Gradually, you will also have the hold on your business in your niche.

  1. It’s time to break something:

Sharing is good, but spamming isn’t. Keep sharing the interesting and enthralling events or other information, but don’t overflow it. Sometimes, there are the circumstances that you have to take the step backward, but after that, come with the firm force that the world would appreciate your step. It’s time to act in reverse direction. We have passed through many ups and downs and even every organization does. Keep your eyes on doing something that people talk about your business.

  1. Set something free:

We have adopted this tactic. We make free the logo, brand and services. Procure this step sometimes in order to enhance your social media traffic. The consequential goodwill and media buzz may buy you the exposure that you can’t afford under the general circumstances.

  1. Take a stand:

The audience has much to say or comment on any aspect. They don’t wait to happen something. Just make your base rigid and proceed towards the success. Also, appreciate your supporters and they might become more loyal towards your brand.

  1. Identify when your audience is most active:

Although, social media is 24*7 active channel. But, we have identified that our targeted audience will remain active at which fraction of the day and accordingly, we have adopted the measures. Trust us, this will be proved very beneficial to you.

  1. Believe in establishing a genuine relationship:

Instead of a bulk of followers, try to build fewer and more relevant relationships. The social media is not static. It goes on climbing the pillar of success continuously. You have to snatch the opportunity and catch your prey. Building the relationship is not much difficult. Be genuine and authentic.

  1. Go visual:

The world is infused with busy-bees and no one have much time to read the elongated text. It’s better to embrace the videos, images and the infographics which the customer views it via a single glimpse. Yeah, the images will gather 150% more responses. Just evaluate your client’s requirements, and then work accordingly.

  1. Find the right tools:

Adopt the accurate tools to engage more and more audience. Like:

  • Monitor your competitors and understand how their strategy fits together.
  • Monitor your own growth and gain insights into what’s working for you.
  1. Embrace blogging:

Blogging is the most effective technique on this landscape. If you don’t have any, then make it today. Plus, make your habit to post or share the information 15 times or more per month. It will significantly increase traffic to the website.

  1. Add social sharing buttons to your blog posts:

As the customers find the social sharing buttons on the blog post, he/she can or might share with his friend and followers. It’s a great approach to maximize your visibility, employing the minimal efforts.

  1. Enhance your social media network:

Not only Facebook, you should have your accounts on other social media networks also. Join different groups on the social media channel, because more interaction will enhance the leads and conversions. Just engage the customers in the discussion of their interest.

  1. Mobile is the main target:

2015 is the mobile year. And, in 2016, it has not vanished. It still persists. Make your website mobile-oriented or responsive, so that users can surf your website through his smartphone or tablet and stick to your website for long.

  1. Use Call-to-Action or Ask a Question:

“Buy” is the customary word in the current ambience. Usually, a Call-to-Action tells the user what to do. And, a simple “Like if you agree” or “Tag a friend” can be the most effective element. As per the questions, asking various queries prompts your fans to comment and engage with each other.

  1. Widen your reach through Hashtags:

Hashtags (#…. #) have the strength to highlight what you want. Like, you can embrace your key services enclosed in the hashtags. It’s just a straightforward and simple approach to make your voice loud a little bit.

  1. Use short and concise updates:

Everyone loves to read the direct and precise information. So, keep it simple while updating some point that the audience would like and compel to read it once or more.

Wrapping It

The social media is the strongest tool to endorse your business worldwide. Using certain practices, you will make your website flying in the eternal sky of the websites.



white hat link building

White color indicates Peace or Tranquility! So as the White Hat! It also indicates the sereneness. The white color has its own unique attribute of calmness.

The White Hat Link Building is identical. So, what is it? It is the practice of link building using the condign or the ethical link building tactics. It has also its unique characteristic of being legitimate.


Definition: The whitehat link building is an approach to drive the traffic to a website through SEO (search engine optimization) techniques utilizing ethical strategies, without violating the search engine guidelines and protocols. It means that your website needs to have a linkable content to be able to attract the natural links to your website.

You know what. I just love white hats. The color is so sophisticated and mild. Wearing those give you the serene essence and stylish at the same jiffy.

Okay… lets come to the white hat link building techniques.

The SEO market is mushrooming with many white hat link building techniques. Simply, you have to choose the best one and incorporate into your website. You know the link building is a vacillating friend that requires sometimes investment, patience and great strategies.

Guys, just make sure that all the link building techniques are not favorable to your website. So, undertake any step after the meticulous market research. Discover which strategy is in sync with your website and which are not. White Hat Link Building is the directly or indirectly associated with SEO. Actually, the link building tactic is a snippet of SEO.

Attributes of White Hat SEO:

  1. White Hat SEO is a ton of work. There are no any shortcuts.
  2. White Hat SEO will work out well.

Wait!!! Let’s proceed to discussing the cogent White Hat Link Building Strategies.

Effective White Hat Link Building Strategies

  1. Guest Blogging/Infographics

You know it’s my second favorite link building technique after the infographics. It’s interesting! Sharing our ideas with the audience of some other blogs. It will not only enhance the number of visitors, but also a golden opportunity to get responses to your thoughts.

The infographic is the exclusive component of white hat link building strategy. A great way to integrate the content with the image in the most cohesive approach! The infographic can also be taken into account as the guest blogging.

  1. Blog Comments

Giving responses to diverse blogs is the persuasive strategy in the white hat link building procedure. Various bloggers share distinct views about the various subjects. Commenting on those is legible and even effectual too.

  1. Broken Link Building Strategy

It is the very first white hat link building strategy in 2015. It embraces the close examination of the competitor’s websites and then discovering the broken links (404 error pages) on your competitor’s websites. And, then the process continues…

Though, it is somewhat complicated procedure, but it’s effective.

  1. Brand Mention Strategy

This process focuses on the brand. It capitalises unlinked brand mentions for the purpose of link building. It includes the process where the brand name is mentioned, but the link is not directed to the website. Actually, the link is not at all provided to the website.


It is a relatively new tool that combines the content curation and link building. enables the users to create the boards where they can curate the content based on the topics they will select. Being unique, it allows the users to enter a URL, from where acquires the title, image and a short fragment of the content from the originating URL.




Local search optimization tips

Increase your local search visibility and get globally recognized step-by-step.


The biggest difference to SEO these days is now it’s more valuable to remove links rather than build them. –Scott Mclay.


“Tell a Story. Make it true. Make it compelling. And make it relevant.” – Rand Fish.


What are you peeking at, now??? Devise this kind of strategy and be beneficial.

Local Search Optimization… What is it? The search on the local basis! The optimization process at the local niche!

As my personal experience, I must say that local search optimization is a quintessential element if you have to pass the sturdy examination and reach to the pinnacle among many websites on the first page of the search engine.

Perplexed??? Don’t be! Okay, first let’s study what is local search optimization.


Local Search Optimization: Local SEO or Local Search Optimization is focused on delivering the results that are most suitable to a searcher based on their current location.

For e.g. – if I am searching for Chinese restaurant, then Google shows the results that are nearest to me.


After a survey, Google has found that 95% of the mobile users look up the local information on their phones and the most common is calling or visiting a get-together or the meeting. It is the power of the mobile and the local search today. They are actually inter-linked with each other.

In order for Google and other search engines to serve the users with the most relevant information using the immense amount of data they have on us, local based results will become more and more prevalent.

As per my research, effective local SEO requires the work on various areas, like- your site, your listings, reviews, links and more. And, the most important is that 75% of all online activities are associated with the local searches. In fact, the customers mold towards the local search to learn about the businesses available in their specific area and evaluate which firms they would like to patronize.

Still, to get promoted in the local area, you will require the local search marketing tips which embrace the local search optimization tips and the right guidance to follow properly.


Ways to optimize your site or local search

  • Include your site to a local domain name:

When it comes to local search, it is the search engine’s goal to provide the most relevant returns for the local search queries. For e.g. – A site with .ie extension, which is local to Ireland, will shout to the search engine that this business operates in Ireland.

Very first, publish your site to a local domain name.


  • Prepare its On-page correctly:

The on-site factors play the pivotal role in determining the website’s status in the market. Actually, as per my opinion, half of the credit goes to on-page SEO in the SEO strategy. This means that pay your heed on the meta-tags, viz., title, keywords and descriptions along with your zip/postal code.


  • Optimize for geo-targeted keywords:

Include city names in your title, h2, Meta tags and the content. Consider this step vigilantly. It is important for your site. Remember, the geographic location matters a lot.


  • Leverage your company’s website:

As a customer, when I open a website, I will visit the Home page and About Us page. And, in technical terms, these embrace the keywords, the business address and the quality content. So, focus on these two pages of your website and make them more compelling so that the customers will attract in one go.

Plus, the addition of rich media content, such as an embedded map that directs the business location, also bestows the tremendous value.


  • Submit your site to Google’s Local Business Center:

Include your business to the Google’s Local Business Center.


  • Submit your site to Yahoo’s Local Listings:

Same, add your business to the Local Yahoo Listing also.


  • Submit your site to local directories:,,,,, etc. are some of the local directories. Include your site in these also.


  • Social Links:

Yoast WordPress SEO tool is the tool which assists you to establish the recognition on the social media network. You will procure 90% of the way there by linking out to your social profiles and ensuring they link back.

Plus, make your social profiles strong and versed in order to grab more and more traffic towards your website.


  • Seek reviews on Google:

The customers intrinsically trust the reviews that come from other customers over advertisements that come from the company and other organizations.

According to a survey, 92% of the customers say- “They trust advertisements and recommendations from the third parties more than traditional, paid advertising.”

The result will be beneficial. The feedback will be displayed prominently right by your company name, encouraging people to click more and more.


  • Rise of mobile devices:

As the years are passing on, the percentage of online searches performed on the mobile gadgets has grown significantly. Moreover, with the dawn of the wearable devices, such as, the Apple Watch, the number is boosted with more immediate needs.


Here, I have described some local search optimization tips for you. Take measures now to implement a consistent ongoing strategy and stay committed to seeing it through. Then after, you will notice the favorable upshots. These are the few, if you know more, and then feel free to share with the audience.


How to choose a website designer for your business website


website designer

Designing is an art of learning more and more inspiration and innovative perceptions. A website is the element that a visitor perceives foremostly when he opens it. What we see will impact us a lot. Our eyes accept what it loves and neglects the atrocious ones. The website is somewhat the overall blueprint of a website. What it is and what are its services! The design enunciates the secret behind the curtains. In a nutshell, a website is the component that must be enchanting enough that a prospective customer magnetizes towards it in one go. Graphic design is the supplementary perk to the website designing. Images trigger emotions and sentiments in the form of the icon whilst graphic designing is the ecstasy of the eccentricity, leisure pursuits and humor.

A website is the design layout that demonstrates the product and services of the web owner. The page loading speed with the magnificent navigation among the web pages are the lucrative components.

The right approach to SEO

Right Approach to SEO

Have you decided to source your business via the internet medium? If the answer is a big yes, then it is requisite to employ the apt search for the condign approach to SEO. SEO or search engine optimization is the facile approach to promote your business at the national or international level and to reach at its ultimate level, adopting the apposite SEO agenda is a vital aspect. As an indulging good marketer, go with one of the options either to hire an in-house SEO professional or outsource the task to foster your SEO firm. Hiring the professional SEO firm for promotion has proven benevolent for your organization. However, the pivotal element is to espouse the righteous SEO channel.

What is the similarity between a Jackpot and an SEO Service?? Well it’s simple! Both can make you rich in just no time.


With the novel emerging world, numerous alterations have evolved in the technical industry. Numerous languages and methodologies have expanded their feet all over the world and even flourishing with a great bang. The internet is the international highway on which every person loves to travel a long journey, actually, it’s an endless voyage beyond the horizon. A spectator and even a potential client browses the internet for every single minute prospect. SEO or search engine optimization has become an indispensable component to assist identify your niche and get you towards the paces to captivate traffic within that niche.

With dedicated SEO propaganda, acquire the stable environment, fast load times, unsurpassed security and ability to create an excellent SEO profile for your website. Attaining traffic in this hard-hitting ambiance is not as easy as consuming the cupcakes. …


Website Design Trends for 2015

Website design should be awe-inspiring enough that it should be treated as a sunshine of the market. Though, web designers have already been acquainted with the creative and customized design of the website, still need to be upgraded and be in harmony with the contemporary trends. Designing is a practice of learning more and more inspiration and innovative perceptions. Further, images and graphics have their own pivotal essence in web designing procedure. Images engraved in the web design, draw more attention and trigger emotions whilst graphic design is the ecstasy of eccentricity, deviation, idiosyncrasy, leisure pursuits and humors.

There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” -Milton Glaser.

With the continuous and phenomenal transformations in the digitized world, every criterion, from the minute to the gigantic one, has been also altered. With the alterations in the tide, designing should be upgraded to meet the ever-changing market circumstances and for the branding or re-branding…

The Mobilegeddon, being the most drastic and sturdy Google algorithm ever, transforms the overall facelift in the website scenario. Almost approximately 40% websites get affected by this algorithm. In this hard-hitting ambience, each and every person, from a professional to kid, loves to browse the internet or even play games on the mobile. The internet era has been diverting towards the mobile epoch within the few years. From Whatsapp to Flipkart app and PayTM, whichever application is sprinting in this current scenario, each application can be easily embedded on the smartphones, either iPhones or android. If your web page is being in a mobile-friendly environment, then you can easily acquire what you cherish. A web owner does make his website synchronized with the mobile-friendly parameter so as to overlook or if you don’t get to penalize by the Google, then it is the better option to get in the mobile harmony. This is the mobile arena and very few populace refrain themselves from being captivated towards the mobile mania.

A website creation is somewhat identical to the supervision of the business with the required terms and conditions. If you own a website, then you must demonstrate it to the audience and this algorithm abides you make your website in harmony with the mobile-friendly parameters elsewhere ready to get penalized by the Google. As a compensation, you have to lose your online identity, i.e., your website doesn’t rank as the other websites that are mobile-friendly.

Approaches to test your website:

The 3-second method:

It is solely the evaluation by the user individually. No need to utilize any tool. It is a clear-cut ploy. Simply, take your cursor and clutch the right side of the browser and drag it to the extreme left till you reached up to the maximum limit of shrinking the browser. Once it is completely gets shriveled, it’s time to scrutinize the website, if it looks synchronized, precise and clean, then be happy, it is in the harmony of the mobile-friendly ambience. However, it is not 100% reliable, so, its better incorporate the other stratum.

3 second method

Mobile-Friendly Test tool

– Google: Google, as a lion’s head, is sprinting on this planet for countless years. It discovers a tool, Google’s mobile friendly test tool. A web owner can easily scan his website by simply entering the URL and the results will be on your screen in few seconds. Google revolutionizes this algorithm to alter the scenario of the websites’s veins, not to seize the web owners. It just wants novel and unrivaled explorations in the prospect.

Mobile-Friendly Test 2015

W3C mobile OK Checker:

It is also a peerless tool to evaluate the website, whether it is mobile-friendly. It is like Google mobile friendly tool, enter the website URL and get the outcomes in the form of top notch of the mobile-friendly.

Though numerous tools are available on the internet to scrutinize the website, whether it is mobile friendly. You have to choose the one best apt for you. The mobile website should be functional and easy to use. Also, the focus is on the loading speed and time, such parameters matter a lot in this cutting-edge world.



SEO-a shadow of your website, invisible still very significant. SEO is a very sturdy and utilizing tactic so as to augment the website’s visibility on the search engine page. SEO has become a requisite for any website, either new or old, in today’s cutting-edge competitive market. Actually, SEO proves as a boon for the websites that are in the dark room and aftermath applying the SEO strategies the website will emerge as a new ray of the light that gets full-on online presence on the search engine.


In this highly-competitive epoch, getting the maximum traffic to your website is yet difficult and continuing to survive is even more tough approach, however, SEO makes it possible at each step. It, actually, has a power to revive your website in this current scenario. However, beware of the bogus marketing and optimization techniques. …

Mobile Friendly

Having a search engine at our fingertips has revolutionized the way we live our lives. If your website is mobile friendly, then it will dramatically impact your business to the largest extent. Google announced that among the previous two months, 4.7% uptick in the proportions of the mobile-friendly websites, since when Google announced its algorithm. Yes, Google launched its mobile algorithm and today, it has completely rolled out. Mobilegeddon- the community coined its name.

Change is the only constant thing on the planet and it is evolving crazily. This algorithm is giantly feeling the pinch of the people. It’s not about grabbing the populace who has been trying to game Google’s search algorithm. It’s the propaganda that transforms the facelift of the websites in the today’s content-smogged world. In the current scenario, very few people can refrain themselves from this mobile mania. Moreover, …