The community coined a name for the Google’s mobile Algorithm update as-MOBILEGEDDON. Mobilegeddon means mobile-friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, then it will dramatically impact your business or we can say it is a ranking signal for your website. Its terms are very facile to comprehend-either get your website mobilegeddon or being penalized by Google.

It is only applicable for the Google searches on mobile, i.e., it does not affect the tablet or desktop searches. As the mobile internet era has been revolutionizing radically for 2-3 years, even every minute aspect has been transformed into mobile-friendly platform, so why not our Google? It is the gigantic Google update ever, evoluted on 21st April, 2015 …


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Our brilliant group of passionate experts will bring together your dream into reality with ingenuity, latest technology, and marketing. …


Gone are the days, when brands had to concentrate on setting up corporeal stores in order to reach consumers/clients, who were inadequate and not so many. With the advent of high-end web technologies, there has been an enormous eruption of new fashion obsessed retail brands that are broadly targeting the youngsters. These brand names influence the state of mind of the young, blue-collar population and internationally exposed consumers who are hard-pressed for time and wish for things on the fly, quite factually! In addition, what has actually revolutionized and give a significant boost of eCommerce services are the use of smart phones and other handheld gadgets, serving numerous retail brands to improve their branding and geographic hoof marks at a hasty pace.

TechnoCrab is the foremost provider of dynamic eCommerce services to online marketplaces in India. We get hitched our in-depth understanding of the eCommerce, domain with service delivery know-how to boost your online business potential. We craft clientele delight because we love web and like to engage with businesses with are evenly zealous. From high approach and consulting to design and execution, we focus on all aspects of a triumphant eCommerce business. Our mobility solutions allow you to deliver a superior connected, Omni-channel know-how across diverse channels and touch-points for your patrons. Though our avant-grade solutions, we have assisted our client achieve better ROI (Return on Investment) and reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Our eCommerce team trains in the skill across Merchandising, Cataloguing, Internet Marketing, Technology Enablement, and Completion. Our services are reversed by the high-tech infrastructure which holds up round the clock functioning of the online retailers and online marketplaces across the globe. Having extensive graphical reach, it gives us an edge in understanding all challenges and assist in delivering clientele focused eCommerce strategies/tactics. TechnoCrab’s exceedingly connoisseur eCommerce team has know-how in seamlessly integrating online stores with offline retail outlets, by yoking the potential of top eCommerce podiums such as Megento, Drupal, and Hybris. We’ve intended and delivered feature rich, responsive website for diverse alleged international merchants and brands.

web development

A website replicates a brand image of a business venture regardless of its size. A website bears the key of triumph running of an online business and it is the prime important ways of exhibiting one’s brand individuality and beguiling latest prospective clients, business associations, and clientele. One’s website must endow with the extraordinary skills to hold visitors and entice them to take absolute proceedings. At Technocrab Solutions, we begin our tactic workflow by getting a hang of your business requirements, goals, and produce an interactive, user-entrepreneur interface that facilitates us with the know-how to efficiently design and employ work plans to assist meet your goals and objectives.

We as a world-class Website Development Company in Delhi India look for to offer you the most excellent website design and manifestation with a host of high-tech design services. We swank of a trained and know-how design & development team who have made a niche for themselves in the territory of industry specialists and their design are seen as the finest in the business. We at TechnoCrab house a myriad assortment ranging from basic web design to convoluted ecommerce website development and structures. We have thousands of successful website projects beneath our belt that is a mirror image of our courage. We have designed websites for prime blue chip companies and received the title of the one of the best website development company in Delhi.

TechnoCrab as a web development company in India has the capability to turn all of your dream beautiful reality and hasten up the growth of your online business, our client range is enormous encompassing tiny to medium size businesses to gigantic international companies and everything which fall in between.

We hold decade of expertise coalesced with technical experience in the field of graphic design, website development, CMS (Content Management System), internet marketing, and eCommerce stores and much-more. Leave your worries behind and assured with, a leading website development company in Mumbai that offers you with entire elements required for a victorious completion of an assignment. Our ace developers and designers are ever ready to create personalized and modified web design matching your web needs.

We also proffer our potential clientele with the design portfolios upon request! We endeavor to design your site as per accepted SEO (search engine optimization) norms and guidelines so that your site reaches high on Google rankings and you get the best ROI (return on investment) in terms of organic searches at a cost-effective price.

seo strategy

People that achieved success with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) do two things better:

1. They spot SEO techniques and strategies that get them on the first page ranking on search engines.
2. They put 100% of their resources into implementing and measuring those strategies or techniques.

But I’am sure you’re probably thinking: “How do I find SEO tactics that actually work?”. Well, right away I’am going to make it trouble-free for you. …



In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm, Ethical SEO refers to the usage of optimization tactics, strategies, and techniques that concentrate on an audience opposed to search engines and fully follows search engine rules and policies. For i.e. a site that is optimized for search engines, yet concentrates on relevancy and natural ranking is measured to be optimized employing Ethical (White Hat) SEO practices. Some example of ethical and effective SEO tactics include employing targeted keywords, and keyword analysis, link building, back linking to enhance link popularity, along with writing unique and user-friendly content for readers.

Ethical SEO is more constantly employed by those who planned to make a sustainable investment on the websites. Also called ‘White-Hat’ SEO.

Following are the Top White-Hat Techniques….

1. Quality Content – There is nothing more important you can do to optimize your website for making it search friendly than provide unique, …



If you yearn your website stick to the top of the Search Engine’s page like superglue, here’s what you require to do:

Securely save your website from the Search Engine penalties, such as Panda and Penguin. The main point is..
How you can make your website more enduring to these updates? Continue reading to find out:

Avoid too much Guest Posting - Too much guest posting is a killer link building strategy, because a website with an access link from any one source, be it: guest posting or other, is asking for a beat down. Not only this, also guest posting (links) are simpler for search engine to notice. Always go for the natural looking work profile.

Keep an eye on your LDR – LDR stands for Linking Domain Relevancy, and Google is not devoted to authority signals such as PageRank, it is fully focused on Liking Domain Relevancy. So your site should link to the similar niche site.

Smart Anchor Text Diversity – As we know that expanding anchor text is a necessity. But most go about anchor text the bad way. …

Analysis and Research

Analysis and Research

Optimizing existing content is not a tough task, because we already have analytical data to show what is working and what is not. And a trained SEO will start with what is working and ask why it’s working and assist to aware their clientele as to how the entire process takes place.

Step 1 – Employ analytics in relation to the site’s aim and gather top level keyword data Many businesses have some sort of analytical tools that they are employing to see traffic. Having an analytical tool can really help, this will how you the SEO more than enough data to start building what is working for the business in terms of keywords.

Step 2 – Examine entry page data to assist measure visitor sentiment for latent page growth via keyword discovery. There is a fable that a PageRanks for just a few keywords. In actuality, an entry page can rank for a zillion of keyword phrases, …

website diagnostics

website diagnostics

Running a website can be tough – so, you just set your worries apart as we’ve Google Webmaster Tools to assist webmaster to identify latent issues they become actual issues. Some of the problems that you can face there are relatively tiny like having plagiarism titles and description, other problems can be gigantic like as your site not being reachable. Whilst Google Webmaster Tools can’t tell you what you require to replace, it can assist you to identify that there could be an issue that requires to be focused. Read on to know the examples that we ran across in the Google Webmaster Help Groups:

Is your IP treating Googlebot like a normal visitor?

Usually, Googlebot acts like a normal user, some IP may get perplexed and respond in odd ways. For i.e. though your IP may work perfectly …



To make your website rank high, effective keyword research is a progressively significant practice for digital marketers. Not only do they require to understand how to develop an effective keyword list for Search Engine Marketing (SEO) & Pay-Per Click (PPC), but smart content marketers employ keyword research to find out with topics they should write about and what phrases they should employ while writing.

You already know how imperative keyword research is. …