In Search Engine Optimization (SEO) algorithm, Ethical SEO refers to the usage of optimization tactics, strategies, and techniques that concentrate on an audience opposed to search engines and fully follows search engine rules and policies. For i.e. a site that is optimized for search engines, yet concentrates on relevancy and natural ranking is measured to be optimized employing Ethical (White Hat) SEO practices. Some example of ethical and effective SEO tactics include employing targeted keywords, and keyword analysis, link building, back linking to enhance link popularity, along with writing unique and user-friendly content for readers.

Ethical SEO is more constantly employed by those who planned to make a sustainable investment on the websites. Also called ‘White-Hat’ SEO.

Following are the Top White-Hat Techniques….

1. Quality Content – There is nothing more important you can do to optimize your website for making it search friendly than provide unique, …reader-friendly well crafted content.

2. Title & Meta Description – Offering pages with accurate titles and meta description or data is important. Meta title and meta keywords elements have been so misrepresented in the past that search engines now regard them as less essential.

3. Extensive Keyword Research and Effectively Employ – Built your site with keywords and key phrases in mind. Research keywords and key phrases you believe people might employ to search your website.

4. Employ structural Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation – Semantically structuring your mark up assists search engines understands the content of your webpage with is of course a good practice.

5. Quality Inbound Links – Creating inbound links for your website can be likened to having a vote for the good, but there are good links and bad links so thus, votes for the best and votes that are bad.

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