If you yearn your website stick to the top of the Search Engine’s page like superglue, here’s what you require to do:

Securely save your website from the Search Engine penalties, such as Panda and Penguin. The main point is..
How you can make your website more enduring to these updates? Continue reading to find out:

Avoid too much Guest Posting - Too much guest posting is a killer link building strategy, because a website with an access link from any one source, be it: guest posting or other, is asking for a beat down. Not only this, also guest posting (links) are simpler for search engine to notice. Always go for the natural looking work profile.

Keep an eye on your LDR – LDR stands for Linking Domain Relevancy, and Google is not devoted to authority signals such as PageRank, it is fully focused on Liking Domain Relevancy. So your site should link to the similar niche site.

Smart Anchor Text Diversity – As we know that expanding anchor text is a necessity. But most go about anchor text the bad way. …Avoid mixing keyword-stuffed anchor text with generic anchors. This action doesn’t look organic to Google.

Build Brand Signals – Undoubtedly gigantic brands tend to rank better, and they become more successful in getting Google penalties removed. So if you want to safeguard your website, it’s necessary to start looking like a brand.

Say ‘NO’ to spamming Social Signals – You require to be more careful about gaming social sites or SMO. Google is very smart in finding fake social media accounts and fake followers. Stop spamming social signals.

Build up your website’s Trust – For this you will need three things: Relevancy, Authority, and a Trust so that your site can top search engine rankings. Trust is the vital part of the algorithm.

Get rid of bad links – To avoid getting slashed by Google penalties, you must need to be proactive. Just be patient and keep trying to clean up the mess. This is a proactive approach to Search Engine Optimization.

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