The community coined a name for the Google’s mobile Algorithm update as-MOBILEGEDDON. Mobilegeddon means mobile-friendly. If your website is mobile friendly, then it will dramatically impact your business or we can say it is a ranking signal for your website. Its terms are very facile to comprehend-either get your website mobilegeddon or being penalized by Google.

It is only applicable for the Google searches on mobile, i.e., it does not affect the tablet or desktop searches. As the mobile internet era has been revolutionizing radically for 2-3 years, even every minute aspect has been transformed into mobile-friendly platform, so why not our Google? It is the gigantic Google update ever, evoluted on 21st April, 2015 … and now has completely rolled out, that affects 21% searches worldwide. This update renovates the whole SEO topography throughout all phases of Google.

Google, since, has announced this update in February, so, there is a lot span of time for the web owners to make their websites as the mobile-friendly. It’s an effective technique to clamp down all the websites that has become complex to navigate on mobile or not mobile-optimized. This algorithm is not just to grab the non mobile friendly websites, but to modify the navigation phase and to change the SEO behavior dramatically.

Desktop versus Mobile Searches

Mobilegeddon significantly affects the Google mobile searches. In 2011, a prominent SEO worldwide- Rand Fishkin was very much pessimistic about the future scope of the Google mobile searches. However, the outcomes have reversed and as the result of the latest mobile Google algorithm, today, mobile searches overcome the desktop searches.

Though, desktop platform and the mobile platform are diverse, however, the website owners must develop their websites in a way in sync with the mobile platform. It makes the searches more responsive on mobile and hence create iconic history in the Google algorithm. It enhances the website rank effectually and moreover, creates a new and innovative solely mobile era.

How will Google test for “mobile friendliness”

The algorithm scans each page on the site, checks the load times, responsive design elements and mobile best practice. It is a revolutionized approach which explores each and every step bit by bit and with an eagle’s eye. If a website has shrewdly attempted to ignore this theorem, the algorithm grabs that website and penalizes it. No need to zoom or tap the content, its additional noteworthy and functional feature and the text size is so adjusted or maintained that it can be easily readable.

Mobilegeddon vs Google Previous Updates

When Google rolled out its Penguine algorithm, it significantly affected 4% of global searches. Afterwards, when Panda had revolutionized, 12% of searches had affected. However, now, this Google mobile algorithm affected drastically world wide and transforms the prospect of the SEO technique. The study stated that Mobilegeddon has been the huge Google mobile algorithm ever.

If we differentiate each pertinent previous Google algorithm with the Mobilegeddon, then we significantly get the facts and figures that clearly define that this amends the whole scenario of SEO. Considering from Google Panda 2011 to Google Pigeon update 2014, each algorithm signifies something innovative and unusual transformations in SEO, viz. Google Panda 2011 mainly focused on quality content, Google Penguin 2012 disqualified the bad links and removed spamming, Google Humming Bird in 2013 had brought a slight revolution as it kept his precise eye on each keyword of the query rather than some prime words and Google Pigeon update in 2014 put emphasize on more relevant searches and their location ranking parameters. All google updates play their vital role in their own way very precise and clean and transforms the whole era of SEO.

As Google is the almighty search engine throughout the world, it has trained the new generation to enhance their searches on mobile rather than stick to the desktop.

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