Content re-purposing doesn’t just stand for that you rewrite an old piece of content over again and again. Actual re-purposing needs that we modify it to make it fresh and interesting to a novel audience.



Re purposing content is such an interesting idea; you can simply breathe a new life into an old and dull content and continue to achieve triumph for your posts. The biggest benefit of repurposing content is the time it can save you in the content making process.
Purpose of Repurposing Content – ‘Everyone wants to create less to promote more’, and this theory proves repurposing content is the best way to get the most ‘bang for your buck.’ It bolsters in;

a. Get an SEO boost
b. Reach a novel audience
c. Strengthen your message
d. Achieve extra authority

Repurposing your content with one idea or concept, by using distinct means of communication, you will be sure to serve to a wider-range of audience and expand your initial content reach…. Let’s talk about the some of the appealing ways to use the same content in varied mediums of communication.

1.Create a Blog Post – Blogging is easy and via posting blogs on various blogging podiums like Blogger and WordPress you don’t need to hire a web designer. Moreover as we know Google souvenir fresh and authentic content. Creating a blog will ensure you of continually having fresh content notorious to you.

2.Create a Presentation – Presentation is the best way to engage your target audience as it offer hassle-free-to-read recap of your fresh piece of content and sharing your PPT to a social site like is like icing on the cake. It will absolutely perk-up your target audience engagement.

3.Build an Infographic – A step beyond the slideshow is the infographic, it is a alter summary of the content of your post in a complete visual frame. If your post contains a lot of data, infographic are a wonderful way to break up an article catering just the salient points.

4.Generate Videos – Video is just an appropriate channel for viewers, and if you want to serve your specific audience then you just require making a powerful video. What you need to do is just take your content and turn it into an animated video that takes your content to another level.

5.Images – Needless to say that a picture speaks the most universally understood lingo!! And significance of pictures in marketing is just noticeable as people prefer to see pictures rather than reading content. Visuals are the most attention grabbers and via them you can promote your message easily.

6.Advertisements – it’s not possible to fuse all your content in a single advertisement but you can include priority base points and add to it an engaging and convincing visual to endorse your content.

Voila!! You are getting the most out of your content 

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  1. Preeti Sharma


    Re-purposing content means giving a new life to a monotonous piece of content. These ways are really beneficial in terms of saving once time and making best out of your content. It was just good to read :):)


  2. Rich Mind


    Repurposed content is a reminder of the VALUE of your past ideas and the FUEL for your present ones, which is why it’s so powerful… And most importantly, repurposing content is why your hard work will never go to waste.


  3. WhiteChek


    This was really helpful and gave me far more ideas than I could find on my own.

    I would love to know more about how to determine if a site is good for just adding your post as-is, like an rss feed connection and when that should be avoided as potentially presenting duplicate content. Can your post get dinged for duplicate content if the duplicate content clearly identifies you as the source?