A good website is your first impression and this age of digital marketing it plays a vital role and if you are making mistakes in web designing then surely you are missing business. So here are few mistakes which one should avoid in web design.



Design must be as per the target audience:

Never neglect the target audience while designing. So it’s necessary to do sufficient research before starting with design. Try to go through competitors website. So that you can gather the necessary elements. For example, if your product id about mother care, then website must have images and color which expecting mother wishes to see.

Avoiding SEO in while designing:

Design should be SEO friendly if designer is making a design that can create hassle while SEO then its just not f any use because ultimately the purpose of website is to promote the services with the use of SEO, But if design is not compatible for SEO it’s a complete waste. For example, we all know FLASH is not good for SEO …but the designer is still using it in a design then it’s a mistake.

Too much complicated design: At times designer gets too much carried away while designing and overdo the elements. It gets very complicated for the user to navigate as it can temper the flow of the website.

Improper call to action: Call to action plays important role in directing client . So they have to be placed at the right place with the best of design which can motivate the user to move further.

Ignoring mobile user: It’s an age of smart phones most of the people use their mobile phones to search and browse. So website should be friendly for mobile, Tablet etc.
Improper navigation: A web site not having proper navigation will definitely loose its UI& UX and will also loose the revisit of users

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