Write for us

Write for us

Do you have a piercing eye for Digital marketing?

Here is the place for you.

The Technocrab Solutions invites guest’s bloggers to write on the topics including Website home, Web design, SEO, SMM, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, Infographics, and the happenings of the industry for Technocrab Solutions. The desirable blogs include appealing content and attractive yet understandable headlines and sub-headlines. The monthly publishing of any guest blogger would vary from 1 to 2 blogs, depending on the content of the blog.

The criteria to fulfill:

  • Keep the content in 1000-1500 words
  • Post relevant and eye-catchy images
  • Accompany your content with examples
  • 100% original and unique content

The tips and tricks to adopt:

  • Title- The reader’s accessibility and interest should be kept in mind while creating the title of the blog.
  • Content- H2 and H3 heading tag is highly preferred. And important words should be marked in bold or italics formatting.
  • Images- Content and images must not go in contradiction. ALT Tag to be provided for copyright free images.
  • Links- We would accept maximum 1 do-follow link in the body of the blog and 1 anchor text in the bio of the author
  • The Service- The service of guest’s blogger is free of cost and is meant for informing and educating the visitor and readers.
  • About the Author- We would invite the bio of 3 to 4 line about the author which shall be accompanied by an anchor text.
  • Keywords- The usage of keywords and positioning of keywords to done carefully.
  • Generalization of the topic and Content should be kept in mind

What not to adopt:

  • Any copied or published content is not accepted.
  • Any grammatical or spelling mistakes or incomplete text should be avoided.
  • Any sort of promotion or high light of any company or individual including personal photograph, link, etc.
  • The content should relate to the above mentioned topics.
  • The prescribed word limit to follow.
  • Irrelevant or repetitive content should ignore.

All the blogs are subject to editor’s examination. If you find your writing skills within the above mentioned guidelines and are interested, then we would like to hear from you. Follow us on support[@]technocrab[dot]com for the blog publishing and we will acknowledge with the approval of your blog within 2-5 days via email.

Happy Writing!


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