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Electronic commerce commonly known as eCommerce or E-commerce is trading in services and products using computer networks such as the Internet. Electronic commerce wide their wings on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, electronic data interchange (EDI), online transaction processing, automated data collection system, and inventory management system. Present e-commerce typically uses the World Wide Web (WWW) for at least one part of transaction’s life cycle, though it may also make use of other technologies such as:

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E-Commerce sales will witness double- digit percentage hike in the coming years. And do you know what’s driving the hike? Growing factor is mobile. Smartphone’s and tablets are the shooting up the amount of time consumer spend online.

More than half of UK consumers now carry at least one mobile device, and they’re using them only for research purposes.

Explore store and to explore the best price available – often completing a transaction directly on the device. Another factor is the augmented investment by companies in their eCommerce technology & initiatives.

These nest eggs are making better acquisition experience that are anteing up to an ever growing penchant for eCommerce shopping.

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