• Our pricing will be based on your unique requirements, so it is virtually impossible to say how much it costs to build a website. We specialise in creating custom/bespoke websites: each with different goals and aims, and targeted at different audiences. We develop websites from scratch, producing a unique look and feel, along with the functionality you require. You tell us what you need, and with no obligation, we'll get back to you with a price.

  • Hopefully the questions answered above go some way to answering this? Again, how long a website takes to develop will depend on your individual requirements. When we know your requirements we will set-out a development plan that will include phase-based deadlines and an overall completion date.

  • No we don't do web hosting. Nor do we know of any web design agency that does. Real web hosting requires ownership of multiple server computers. These are similar to the 'hardware' desk-top computers that we all use at home or in the office. Any web design agency that offers web hosting are very likely just using 'Reseller' packages offered by the specialist hosting companies that we all already use. We'd prefer you have the choice on which hosting company you use: one that is most suited to your particular needs. We will of course offer recommendations.

  • Web technologies are often divided in to two distinct groups: 'front-end' and 'back-end'. The front-end technologies used to develop websites are nonproprietary and generally the same for everyone - HTML, CSS, JS, etc. It's how these are used that makes the difference (see Web Standards). Back-end technologies however, vary and can have consequences for your website. As strong advocates of Web Standards and Open Source licencing (see below), we gravitate towards nonproprietary back-end technologies: those not owed/licenced by, or reliant upon, any single company or commercial organisation. These include JavaScript (JQuery), PHP, MySQL, Apache Server, etc, and the Open Source Content Management Systems (CMS) using these technologies.

  • Yes absolutely. Where possible, when available and practical, we'll always select software and technologies with Open Source licencing, over any other. We don't necessarily do this because Open Source software is often free to use, but because the collaborative development model makes for better, more responsive, modern and robust web based applications.

  • Yes you can host and even register you domain elsewhere, and give us the access to develop the site. We will require your login details provided by your hosting company for us to upload the site.

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